STYLE GURU BIO: Xyclali Nunez


Hi! I’m Xyclali (See- Claw- Lee) Nuñez. I am a third year public relations major with a Certificate in Business Foundations at The University of Texas at Austin. I am originally from El Paso, Texas, a city right at the edge of Texas. My dream is to live in New York City, work in a PR agency, and to cover the latest lifestyle and fashion brands.

My best friend and I own a lifestyle blog, called the, that covers everything fashion, beauty, books, local and music. The name, “Sun Eyed Girls” came from a Beck song about a girl that is blinded by the brilliance of someone else. Not only do we want to inspire others, but we are also inspired by others to be ourselves in a social media world where girls might feel insecure to look/act a certain way.

After coming across a TED Talk about people who have many interests, I like to describe myself as a “multi-potentialite.”  With my curiosity, I have found some of the best locations to grab some food, to get your sweat on, the cutest little hole-in-the-wall boutiques and vintage stores to find the best clothing, and my favorite part of it all, I have met some of the best people. I love to go out and connect with others because I love to meet different people. It’s one of the main reasons why I am pursuing a PR degree.

My desire to work and be the best at it aspires the #girlboss I aim to be (pantsuit included). After reaching my dream job, I hope to open up my own little boutique or restaurant. I am learning more about myself every day, and I am still trying to find out what my true purpose is, but once I discover it, I hope I love it so much it drives me crazy.

Fashion for me has always been close to my heart. For a girl who sometimes has nothing to say at all, I usually let my clothes do all the talking. After focusing on dance for about 10 years, I decided to use my style as a creative outlet. It allows me to feel comfortable with who I am and it’s something that I am very interested in. If I am able to pursue a career around fashion, I would not complain at all.

For this outfit, I kept it very simple with jeans and cheetah flats since the white ruffle blouse was a bit dramatic, but I would describe my style as ’80s inspired with a bit of street style. If I had the wardrobe of Kendall Jenner and Nicole Richie with a mix of Audrey Hepburn, I would die! My style is fun and comfortable with a bit of an edge. I am very inspired by what women would wear to Studio 54. I love all the glitter, fur, and dramatic makeup. The way people wore clothes in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s is very inspiring because they dressed the way they felt expressed who they were as a person. Another reason why I am obsessed with vintage anything and everything.

Some of my favorite things: little black French Bulldogs, sleeping, coffee shops, rainy days, books, walking around urban areas, Fridays night movie nights with my roommate, black and white photos, traveling, and spending time with my BFF, Zoe.

Some things I cannot stand: being very indecisive, Austin traffic, country music, iPhone Storage reminders, any food that ends with the word cream, having a habit of waking up early (even on weekends), and never knowing what I want to eat.

Style On®,

Xyclali Nunez


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